Parts & Service

We know the importance of having wears and spares available to support you, our customers, as well as our own internal rental fleet, and we are consistently working on ensuring availability to make sure all bases are covered. Whether it’s OEM parts, or aftermarket, we have you covered. If it’s not in stock, locally, we will locate what you need and get it in your hands ASAP. Minimizing downtime, and sense of urgency, is our highest priority. Give us a call or send us an email with any questions or inquiries.


Service, to us, is more than just showing up to address a breakdown or a concern. It’s about being with you from the start, ensuring you are comfortable with the equipment, the plant, the production, and understanding each other’s expectations, as a team.

In this industry, it’s not a matter of IF you will break down, but WHEN, and we understand that. Breakdowns are expected, but we have you covered! We are placing a significant focus and effort on building our support team, both parts and service, and won’t break until you are back on your feet producing desirable and economical products.